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Remove image border

Quickly remove image borders / trimming photo edges / cut-out image corners / erasing photo frames using this tool. Simply upload image in tool and remove unwanted portion of image. This tool is helpful to remove white borders on passport size photo.

How is this tool working?

Once image is placed in tool, drag the rectangle box and place top of the image. The image portion outside the retangle box will be removed and only the rest of the image portion is previewed along with download button.

Is it free tool?

Removing image border tool is completely free to use and it is a full version, no hidden payments, no signup required, no demo versions and no other limitations. Easily remove image border or trimming photo edges without any restriction.

Are my images are secured?

Yes, the images added in tool are completely secured. The tool is browser based and all the process are carried out in user browser. None of the images are uploaded to server or moved anywhere else.

Any skills required?

No additional skills are required to do trimming the photo edges or removing image border using this tool. Simply drop image in tool, then drag the rectangular box and place top of required image portion, then click remove button.

Is there is any restrictions?

No login, no signup and no other limitations to use this tool, Simply drop image in tool and remove image border or trim photo edges as required.

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