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What is HEIC Viewer?

The purpose of this tool is to view HEIC images online in situations where HEIC files are not supported. The Apple iPhone and iPad frequently use the heic format. Not even Windows 10 or 11 (the most recent version) supports it natively. Our utility facilitates the viewing of HEIC images by transforming them into PNG or JPG files, which are commonly compatible with the majority of operating systems and well-known web browsers. Without requiring any additional plugins or decoders, this tool facilitates the viewing of HEIC images. You can accomplish this by adding HEIC images and easily viewing them online.

What is HEIC Image?

High Efficiency Image Container, or HEIC, is a file format intended to store high-quality photographs in reduced file sizes. It is a new photo format that Apple created and is frequently used on Apple gadgets. HEICs are a substantially more effective compression technique that reduces the size of image files without sacrificing quality. HEIC files will use up a lot less space on the hard drive, allowing for substantially greater file storage capacity. HEICs provide image transparency, which is advantageous for web design because it enables images to blend in with a webpage's existing background.

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How to view HEIC?

To view the image, just add a HEIC image to the tool and use the preview section. The image is also available for download in PNG format.

Is it free tool?

The online HEIC viewer tool is fully functional and free of cost; there are no additional restrictions, no sign-up fees, no hidden costs, no demo versions, and no hidden payments. You can freely view an unlimited number of HEIC images.

Are my HEIC files secured?

It is very safe to use this online HEIC viewer tool. The HEIC images that were added to the tool automatically disappear after two hours.

Any skills required?

You can view HEIC images online without any special skills. Just upload a HEIC image to the tool and view it in the preview area.

Any restrictions?

This tool allows you to view an unlimited number of HEIC photos. To use this tool, there are no prerequisites, no need to log in or register.

Download option

The preview image can be downloaded in PNG format with ease. To obtain the image in PNG format, simply click the download button located under the preview.

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