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Black border on photo

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What we do

Add black border to photo

Simplest tool to add a black border frame on photo with rounded corners. Drop photo in tool, set border width and optionally set round corner radius, then click add border button to apply black border on photo corners. It is easy to add black border on photo to use in Instagram or passport-sized photo using this tool.

How this tool working?

This tool adding black border on all sides of photo. User can easily alter border width using slider in control section of tool. Additionally, this tool having option to set round corners on black frame. Finally preview of black bordered photo is available on preview section along with download button.

Free to use

This tool (Add black photo border) is free to use. It is a full version, no hidden payments, no signup required, no demo versions and no other limitations. Easily add black border with round corner on any number of photo, without any restrictions.

Is this secure tool?

This tool is highly secured and its a browser based tool. All the process is carried out in user browser and none of the photo is uploaded to server or anywhere else. No one can access the photo used in tool and guaranteed for photo security.

Any skills required?

No additional skills are required to add black border or frame to photo. Simply add photo in tool, set border width and click add border button.

Is there are any restrictions?

This tool has no restriction and no limitations, easily add black border to photo, without any restriction.

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