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Tool description

What is Crop PNG tool?

The Crop PNG tool makes it simple to crop or trim transparent PNG files. To securely crop or trim PNG files to remove any unnecessary parts, simply add the PNG to the tool, drag the cropper over the PNG, and crop it.

How this tool working?

The cropping PNG tool runs directly in the user's browser. Once the PNG file is added to the tool, the Cropper window appears automatically over the PNG file. Simply drag the cropper window over a PNG and press the crop button to trim it.

What we do

How to Crop PNG file?

Add a PNG file to the tool, Place the cropper over the PNG, and then press the crop button to remove the PNG pixels that are outside of the cropper window.

Is it free tool?

No extra charges, registration restrictions, unstated expenses, or trial versions exist for the Crop PNG tool. Multiple PNG files can be quickly and easily cropped.

Are PNG files are safe?

Using the crop PNG tool is entirely risk-free. Instead of being uploaded to the server, PNG files are cropped within the user's browser. None of your personal PNG files are saved.

Any skills required?

To crop PNG files, no special knowledge is required. To crop a PNG file, add it to the tool, position the cropper over it, and then click the crop button.

Any restrictions?

You don't need to register or create an account to crop PNG files. This is a tool without limitations.

Download option

It is easy to obtain the cropped PNG file. The cropped PNG file and a download button will be shown in preview once the cropping is finished. Click the download button in order to download the cropped PNG.

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