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What is PNG Compression?

PNG uses lossless compression, which reduces file size without sacrificing image quality or detail. PNG files keep all of their original data, therefore even after compression, they are typically larger. However, this is a significant advantage over lossy compression formats, such as JPEG files, which lose some data during the compression process. The easiest way for significantly reducing the size of a PNG file is to remove the transparency or reduce the colour depth to 8-bit or 24-bit. Our tool compress PNG files optimally and providing the best possible size reduction of final image.

What is PNG image?

Portable Network Graphics is abbreviated as PNG, is a popular graphic file format that is commonly used on websites to display high-quality digital images. PNGs support transparency, allowing users to easily generate pictures that perfectly overlay with website or image content. PNG offers lossless compression, which preserves image quality and detail after compression. PNG has a far larger colour palette and can handle 16 million colours, making it perfect for displaying and preserving detailed and vibrant images. Most operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Safari, can open PNG files.

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How to compress PNG?

Upload the PNG image using the tool, select the compress option (optimal or heavy compression), and click the compress button. Following compression, the compressed PNG image can be downloaded, along with information about its size. You can also alter the PNG's dimensions by using the controls.

Is it free tool?

The Compress PNG image tool is completely free and has no hidden fees, registration requirements, demo versions, or limitations. You can easily compress any number of PNG files without any restrictions.

Are my PNG images are safe?

It is very safe to use this PNG compressor tool. Each and every PNG image that is uploaded to the server for compression is immediately deleted after two hours.

Any skills required?

Compressing PNG files doesn't require any specific knowledge. After uploading a PNG image, just click the compress button, preview the image, and download the compressed PNG file.

Any restrictions?

There is no restriction on the quantity of PNG images that can be compressed with this tool, and there is no registration or login required.

Download option

It's simple to obtain the compressed PNG image. After conversion, a download button and a preview of the PNG image will appear. To obtain the compressed PNG file, click the download button.

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