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Tool description

What is Resize PNG tool?

Resize PNG tool allows you to change the dimensions of the PNG by simply adjusting the height and width. This tool helps to maintain aspect ratio, making sure that PNG photo that have been resized don't stretch and have the right proportion of width to height.This tool also allows transparent PNG photos to be resized.

How this tool working?

The resize PNG tool works within the user's browser to resize the uploaded PNG to a specified width and height in pixels. By default, the tool preserves the PNG's aspect ratio and accurately modifies the width and height ratios to avoid warping resized PNG files.

What we do

How to Resize PNG file?

Add a PNG file to the tool, change its dimensions, click Resize PNG button then preview the resized PNG, and download it.

Is it free tool?

The Resize PNG tool has no additional fees, registration limitations, hidden costs, or demo versions. It is easy to resize an infinite number of PNG files quickly.

Are PNG files are safe?

The PNG resizing tool is completely safe to use. PNG files are resized within the user's browser rather than being uploaded to the server. Only you can access the PNG files used in the tool; none of your own PNG files are saved.

Any skills required?

There is no specific knowledge needed to resize PNG files. With this tool, you can add a PNG file and modify its size. After that, click the Resize PNG button to get the PNG file that has been resized.

Any restrictions?

PNG files can be resized without registering or creating an account. This is an unrestricted tool.

Download option

The resized PNG file is simple to obtain. When the resizing is complete, preview will display the resized PNG file along with a download button. To download the resized PNG, click the download button.

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