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Merge JPG online

Merge JPG to JPG - Add JPGs in the tool, select horizontal merge (side by side) or vertical merge (top down), then preview the merged JPG and download. More options like auto resize and border over the merged JPG are available in this tool.

How this tool working?

Merge JPG tool joins all JPGs added in tool based on direction selected. This tool joins JPG side by side when horizontal direction is choosed and top down joining of JPGs when vertical direction is selected. Similarly this tool resize the unsimilar dimension of JPGs before merging and add border to the merged JPG when border option is opted.

Is it free tool?

Merge JPG tool is completely free to use and it is a full version, no hidden payments, no signup required, no demo versions and no other limitations. Easily do merging on any number of JPGs without any restriction.

IS this secure tool?

Yes, the JPGs added in this tool are highly secured, because we are not uploading the files to server or anywhere else. All process are carried out in user browser and no one can access the JPGs added in the tool.

Any skills required?

No Special skills are required to Merge JPG using this tool. simply add JPGs in tool, choose merge direction, then click merge JPG button. when merge process is completed, preview of merged JPG is displayed along with download button.

How to download merged JPG?

Download button is available at the bottom of the preview container. Simply click download button to download the merged JPG file.

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