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What is background remover tool?

This Background remover tool is AI-powered, that recognizes the subject in an image automatically and removes the backgrounds completely with a clear transparent pixel. For improved results, this tool also supports alpha matte. The background-removed images from this tool can be easily edited and overlapped with other backgrounds.

What is clear background?

A clear background in an image allows what's behind it to be seen because there is nothing else in the background pixels than the subject. Many applications, including graphic design, web design, and game development, benefit from having clear backgrounds. They enable you to build layered, composite effects by superimposing many images on top of one another.

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How to remove BG?

Upload the picture to the background remover tool, select the Remove BG button, and then preview and download the background-removed image. You can enable alpha matte while removing the background by using the controls.

Is it free tool?

There are no additional limitations, no demo versions, no registration requirements, and no hidden fees associated with the background remover tool. This tool eliminates the background of an unlimited number of images without any limitations.

Are my images safe?

Using this background removal tool is completely safe. After two hours, the photos that were uploaded to the server for background removal are automatically deleted.

Any skills required?

It does not require any special skills to remove an image's background. Once an image has been uploaded to the tool, select Remove BG, preview, and download the generated image file.

Any restrictions?

You can eliminate the background from an infinite number of images with this tool. The use of this tool is unrestricted and free forever.

Download option

The background-removed image is easy to obtain. An image preview and download button will appear after the background has been removed. Click the "download" button to get the final picture.

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